A heroic lawyer by the name of Gene Schaerr, hired last year by Utah to defend against its same-sex marriage ban (a feat in which he failed) has claimed in The Daily Signal that, thanks to the gays, we could be seeing abortions number 900,000. That’s almost a million!

The Daily Signal, owned by a conservative thunderdome known as The Heritage Foundation, describes itself as a think tank, but only if coming up with the phrase “totalitarian science” is thinking.


Schaerr explains his feelings thus:

“In short, forcing states to convert the traditional gendered marriage institution into a genderless institution will very likely reduce man-woman marriages by undermining some of the norms that encourage heterosexual couples to marry, which will in turn increase the number of unmarried women and, hence, the number of children aborted.”


Even though SOME PEOPLE think that gay marriage actually opens doors for more people to adopt babies — in fact, more likely to adopt older, minority, or special needs children — I guess we should stop gay marriages right now!

Illustration for article titled Heritage Foundation says Gay Marriage Will Lead to A Million Abortions

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